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Super powers
for your app

Turn your app into a
super app

Create a marketplace
inside your very own app and directly sell 3rd party products and services to your community

Super Enhance your product & service offering to your community.

Launch mini apps from 3rd party providers inside your app. Instantly in one click.

TORO simplifies mobile commerce for Sports Teams, Smart Cities, Retailers, Banks, Airlines, Connected Cars, Hotels, and much, much more.


Super Sell your own products and products & services from 3rd parties.

Add to your app the possibility to propose a curated portfolio of 3rd party mini apps in a single, unified environment.

Your users will be able to access anything they need through your app, and you will be able to sell more of your own products.

Super Integration with no limitations

The TORO platform can integrate into any app environment and can be customized to adapt to any look&feel.

Engage more with your community through your iOS and Android apps.

Control the data that your activity generates and put it to work for you.

Super Monetize your app

TORO allows you to design, implement and scale your marketplace securely and with no effort. Your app becomes a fully fledged platform instantly by integrating the TORO SDK with Single-Sign-On (SSO), mini app Ecosystem, Unified One-click Payment and Business Intelligence features.

Welcome to the Platform economy.

Super App Projects

Interested in turning your app into a super app?

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