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Who we are

TORO is an international team of seasoned professionals based out of Barcelona, Spain, that operates a unique and patented mobile technology platform to help brands harness the power of the Platform Economy.

Philippe Staib

Chairman of the Board

Successful serial entrepreneur in Europe and Asia (incl. IPO), a life in banking and technology.

Brings a wealth of experience, guidance and his network.

Laurent Renard

Co-founder and CEO

Business and engineering background with 20 years in payments, mobile, information technology.

Serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in Asia and Europe.

Richard Joye

CFO and Investor Relations

Financial background, expertise in venture building in sports and technology.

Entrepreneur with experience in Asia and the Middle East.

Grégory Puente-Castan

Co-founder and CTO

15 years in payments (EMV) and mobile

Responsible for the platform functional architecture and roadmap, the integration with 3rd party platforms.

Xavier Rubio Jansana

Head of Mobile

20 years of experience in the mobile industry.

Responsible for all mobile developments (Android and iOS), product roadmap, and quality assurance.

Arnaud Level

Head of Server & Operations

20 years of experience in tech.

Responsible for server developments, architecture of the platform, scalability and operations.

What we do

We enable mobile apps into full opened super apps by giving them a complete toolset to easily create and operate a marketplace of 3rd party products and services within the apps, and to monetize their community of users without intermediaries.

How we do it

With mainly a Revenue-Share business model, TORO today partners with players that have access to- or have gathered large mobile communities to help them join the Platform Economy and monetize their users, customers or fans.

In every vertical market, TORO either directly partners with the mobile community owner (e.g a Basketball Team, a video streaming service) or with an entity with access to a pool of communities (e.g. a large bank, a Sports Federation).

TORO provides them with its SDK to be integrated directly into their apps to enable them into super apps with very little technical effort. The SDK includes a series of platform features already built-in: Single-Sign-On, Payments, Catalog of mini apps, Data Analytics. The Brands then decides which 3rd party providers, within and outside their traditional ecosystem, they want to add onboard and monetize.

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Our story

The story of TORO begins in 2008 in Taipei (Taiwan) where, after participating in the launch of the world’s first successful deployment of Contactless Payments with Visa, Mastercard and JCB, Laurent Renard and Gregory Puente-Castan decided to embark on a journey to enable mobile phones into payment instruments.

From 2008 to 2015, TORO grew into becoming the main technology provider to mobile operators and banks who were eager to build their own NFC “mobile wallet” infrastructures in both Asia and Europe*.

In 2015 TORO relocated to Europe, with its financial HQ in the Netherlands and its main business operations in Barcelona, Spain. TORO then leveraged its unique technology and a non-dilutive grant of 1.8M€ from the European Commission (H2020 program) to pivot from providing its Mobile Wallet technology to operating its Super App Enabler platform in partnership with brands.

13 years, 5 patents, and 10 countrywide deployments later, TORO has evolved into becoming the most advanced and commercial SUPER APP ENABLER, turning any mobile app into a super app able to aggregate 3rd party products and services very easily and with no limitations.

In February 2020, in partnership with CaixaBank, TORO successfully deployed its platform with the first of a series of LaLiga Clubs (the Spanish Professional Soccer League). TORO is today active in the Sports & Entertainment, Smart Cities and Mobile Video Streaming industries.

*Between 2015 and 2017 almost all Mobile Network Operators decided to leave to Google and Apple the prerogative to build, operate, and promote the universal mobile wallets that we know today.


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